Service Champions

Who Should Attend?

All levels of staff from the front-liners to senior managers

Can also be conducted separately for Managers and non-Managerial staff

Course Price

$1,200 /per pax


Lectures, Experiential learning activities, Outdoor activities, Group and actual work discussions

Course Duration

4 Days (32 hours)


This is an attitudinal program aim altering the values and belief system of individuals. It addresses the importance of Service and how to adopt a customer-focused mindset to deliver excellent service.

Course Objective

At the end of the Service Champion course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and meaning of Service
  • Examine how their individual attitude and behaviour impact Service Level
  • Adopt a customer-focused mindset to achieve service excellence

Unique Benefits

  • Pre and Post Staff Evaluation System
  • Simulated environment for self-reflection on their service attitude
  • Foster better understanding and bonding between individuals and departments

Course Content

The Service Champions training would cover the following areas:

Service Excellence Mindset

  • Module 1: Service Mind Map
  • Module 2: The Service Mindset

Service Principles

  • Module 3: KISSES for customers
  • Module 4: Image & Impression

Service Action

  • Module 5: Service In Action
  • Module 6: Service Partnership

Moment of Truth

  • Module 7: Service Commitment
  • Module 8: Dialogue with Management